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We believe in treats that are right there in that sweet spot between health, nutrition and flavour.

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XOKOLAT® is the first local producer to offer sprouted nuts in Norway. Sprouted nuts offer a healthier alternative to regular nuts in terms of increased nutrient uptake due to lower levels of phytates and offer a significant improvement in the texture and flavour of the nuts.
To help do our bit for the environment we’ve designed this package to be reused. If you’re done eating the delicious contents of any of XOKOLAT® products, please take a little time and consider your environment by reusing this package. It comes with a ziplock seal so you can use it as many times as necessary.
We at XOKOLAT® are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with handcrafted treats. Chocolate bars, cricket protein bars and sprouted nuts are our specialities. We hope to evolve the whole concept of chocolate and artisanal treats into a novel venture of all sorts of wild ingredients, textures, flavours and consistencies. We want to establish ourselves as Norway’s premium treat brand known for concepts that are healthy, sustainable, locally produced yet out of this world.

What we do

We are the first Norwegian producer to offer sprouted and dehydrated almonds as part of our product range. Nutty crunchiness coupled with a texture like no other almond out there. Probably the cleanest and tastiest almonds on the market. 

One of our specialities is double origin bean to bar dark chocolate where we combine the best complementary elements of two single origin cacao beans to create a unique and absolutely phenomenal chocolate bar. 

As part of our novel and future oriented treats we also offer a high protein, iron and fibre option of chocolate bars made with crickets which have a high nutritional value. This is a crunchy and flavoursome treat loved by children and athletes alike. 

Our selections

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    Premium Sprouted Nuts and Dried Fruits

    kr 99 NOK
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    Chocolate Bar (Double Origin)

    kr 99 NOK
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    Chocolate Cricket Bar

    kr 119 NOK
  • Premium Sprouted Almonds

    kr 99 NOK
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Environmentally friendly

Treat yourself, your family or your friends. The packing is reusable and is great to store at home. Reuse packing for foods, spices or other practical uses. Ecological by nature with paper wrapping and recyclable as well. Perfect as a gift!

Our treats must be oriented towards sustainability, ingredients that are ethically sourced and locally produced. These three points are what makes us proud to offer what we do at XOKOLAT®

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